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Photo Book Printing

Modern technology has made it both possible and affordable to have your own custom photo book printed for not much more than it costs to purchase prints and a standard photo album. These photo books are a great way to preserve memories and share pictures with friends and family.

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In addition to showcasing your favorite snapshots, photo books allow you to add captions, detailed descriptions including the date and location of the picture and full names of the individuals in the photo right next to each photo. This preserves the information for generations to come, since the photo can't accidentally be separated from the written information, and there's no writing on the back of the photo that might fade away. You can also choose custom layouts and backgrounds and can crop and adjust the color in the photos so they look just the way you want.

For just about any event or occasion there is a type of photo book. Birthday, baby and wedding photo books are among the most popular, but anniversary, family reunion, anniversary and vacation picture books are also common. For pet lovers, animal photo books are great, and timeline books that show a person or family through the years are often created for special occasions such as a memorable birthday or graduation.

Although in some cases poor quality inks and paper mean that a photo book will not last for years to come, it is a misconception that printed digital photos will not last. Photo books printed on high-quality, archival paper using good ink will last for generations. Digital photos can be turned into photo books that will permanently preserve the photos.

Although photo books typically are created either as a way to personally preserve memories or as a gift for a friend or loved one, they also serve a larger purpose. Much as antique magazines, photo albums and drawings tell us much about culture and society in the past, the photo books created today will someday provide a glimpse into our lives and the times we live in. They may also provide our descendants with information about us.

When creating a photo book, consider not only what photos you would like to include, but what information you want to convey. In five, 10 or 20 years, what will you want to remember? What will you want others to know? For example, while you might now know that a particular photo was taken at your child's fifth birthday party, and the name of the best friend pictured, 10 years from now you may not remember whether it was the fifth or sixth birthday and struggle to recall the friend's name. Include this information in the photo book and you won't have to worry about remembering.

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