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>> File submission
We can accept various formats, PDF etc. However, in order to avoid file handling charges, it is best to deliver a format that is print-ready, such as and Indesign or Quark Xpress document.

Once a layout is complete and ready to be printed, it is good practice to run it through this list to ensure that there are no errors and the design prints as expected.
 • Naming Files
 • Collect for Output,
 • Crops, Bleeds and Live Area are set,
 • All Images are Included,
 • All Fonts are Included,
 • Color Modes are set properly(CMYK mode),
 • Resolution is set properly
>> Proofing
A proof is a quality control tool that is used to communicate the overall concept of a project between a client and Warson Printing. It is a great safety measure designed to catch potential problems or errors before a job goes to print. Warson Printing can provide proofing service, and all proofs we provided should include the following:
 • Color bars
 • Name, address, and contact person responsible for the job.
 • Date
 • File identification  • Type of proof (inkjet, MatchPrint, etc.)
 • Purpose of proof (text only, color only, contract proof, etc.)
 • An area where approval or changes can be noted.
 • An area for the customer’s signature to indicate approval or acceptance.

A final proof serves as legal contract between Warson Printing and the customer, once the proof approval has been signed. It must be understood by the customer that it does not represent the exact appearance of the press sheet, since proofing paper is often brighter than what is used in the actual printing and it almost always has greater image density than a press can deliver.

The contract proof only simulates and predicts the appearance of the final printed piece. It is used in the pressroom as a guide to compare colors while the piece is running on the press.

We will not start printing until the customer sign the proofing.
>> Platemaking
Printing plates are used to transfer an image to paper or other substrates.

The plates may be made of metal, plastic, rubber, paper, and other materials. The image is put on the printing plates using photomechanical, photochemical, or laser engraving processes.


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