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>> Offset Printing
Offset printing is the most common form of commercial printing, due to advantages in quality and efficiency in high volume work. The types of printed materials that can be produced with offset lithography are numerous and varied.

Offset is used for printing anything from business cards and postcards to books, magazines, credit cards, posters and even billboards – to name just a few.

Warson Printing has more advantages in offset printing, and can provide more economized solutions. Offset printing press run as the following:
Offset printing works on the principle that oil and water do not mix. The press run or offset printing process or offset press is made of the feeding system, the printing system or three cylinders, the inking system and the delivery system. There are different types of offset presses as well that are used for the press run. The press run starts with a blank substrate and ends with a printed substrate.
>> Digital Printing
Digital printing is generally defined as any type of print process that utilizes electronic files from a computer to output a printed piece from dots of ink, toner, or dye. Many of the manual steps associated with traditional print methods are eliminated thanks to an all-digital workflow.

Wason Printing use state-of-the-art equipment, skilled team to provide professional Digital Printing.


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