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Why choose us?

Quality is our priority and core value. We purchase supreme and safe materials, use state-of-the-art equipment, professional team and experienced QC staff. Through the complete quality control management clients receive products exceeding their expectations.

Cost is a critical competitiveness of Warson Printing. We care cost as much as quality. We provide supreme printing products with savings more than 50%, without any sacrifice of service or quality. Our cost-controlling management covers materials purchasing management, workflow management, LEAN, Customer relationship management, logistics management. Based on these strategies, we are able to reciprocate considerable savings to our clients.

We are staffed with highly skilled and trained technicians in the pre-press for superior color management, courteous and English-speaking customer service team for good communication, professional and responsive people for QC system and for quick and reliable air and sea delivery. To guarantee superior printing services, our people operate 24 hours per day and 7 days per week in 2 shifts to compensate for time zone differences. In this way, customers all round the world have 24 hours access to our services.

Printing Solutions
Publishing houses or self-editors always have some queries and questions when it comes to choosing an overseas printer. According to clients’ requirements, Warson Printing provide professional consultation from pre-press, printing through to delivery.

As a professional printing service provider, we have highly proficient English speaking staff who will contact you by E-mail, Phone or Skype as soon as we receive your inquiries at our work time. Print quotations will be generally submitted within 24 hours, and turnaround time will be clearly specified. Ever since we start to proceed with your order, our staff will regularly update you about your project status.

Commitment to Environment and Safety
As a responsible company, Warson Printing make extraordinary commitment to products safety and environmental care. We promise to use materials, inks and finishing techniques that are tested safe according to international standards. For children books, especially, we can provide SGS safety reports (CPSIA) to ensure harm-free products for kids if necessary.

Self-publishing Support
For self publishers, it’s a dream-come-true process of turning their creative minds into real exquisite books. We appreciate their efforts and willing to provide free consultation regarding design, artwork layout as well as delivery. We have a professional team to provide this service and free internet promotions. We believe clients are our fortune.


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